About George McMullan

I grew up in London and was interested
in science from a very young age.
Prior to becoming a teacher, I was
fortunate to travel to eight different
countries while assisting with entomological research.

Annual Science Fair

Every year I work in conjunction with the local science center to host a science fair and encourage all students to participate or at least attend. I have provided some science fair project ideas as well as information on the science fair rules.


I am passionate about science and particularly love learning about insects. I have travelled around the world and assisted in entomological research and have amassed a sizable bug collection that has been an invaluable learning tool for my students.

Mr. McMullan’s Junior Entomologist Bug Club

If you are interested in joining Mr. McMullan’s Junior Entomologist Bug Club, please visit the bug club page or contact me for more information. The club is open to all students and I welcome volunteers who are willing to assist.

I believe that science is one of the most important things to teach our children. When we instill a good science foundation in kids, it sets the stage for future scientists who can contribute great things to the world.